"We don't just drive buses ,we transport and grow the economy. Customer time, Safety, Compart and Satisfaction remain our highest priorities."


Metrobus was incorporated in 2000 and is a wholly owned Municipal Entity of the City of Joburg. The City appointed Metrobus in terms of the Service Delivery Agreement to provide bus transport services to the residents of Johannesburg. Metrobus therefore operates in furtherance of the City of Joburg's legislative mandate concerning public transport and is guided periodically by the strategic direction of the City of Joburg as derived from the Integrated Development Plan and the Provincial Growth and Development Strategy. The Corridors of Freedom and Integrated Transport Plan are amongst some of the key strategic objectives of the City, where Metrobus has a pivotal role to play as a provider of public transport.

Call Center
0860 Joburg (562 874)


Metrobus Head Office
(011) 403 4300

Private Hire
(011) 832 3135

Information Center
(011) 833 5918

Johannesburg Metrobus

Transporting vast numbers of people from one part of the city to the other safely, timeously and affordably is the aim of Metrobus, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Bus Service. 

Set up as company in 2000, it is wholly owned by the City of Johannesburg.  It is a municipal bus operator in Johannesburg, with a variety of buses ranging from double deck, single deck, buses equipped with hydraulic lifts for wheelchairs, open deck and luxury coaches.  Metrobus covers 330 scheduled routes and 128 school routes. Metrobus transport thousands of passengers daily fulfilling its primary task.