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Annual Report


Annual Report

The annual report contains the annual financial statements, deals with the financial matters affecting the affairs of Metrobus, as well as the performance review against predetermined objectives outlined in the budget and strategic plan document.


Metrobus First Quarter Perfomance Report

First quarter report 2018/19


Metrobus Mid Year Perfomance Report

Metrobus 2018/19 Mid year perfomance assessment report

Metrobus 2017/18 Mid year performance assessment report

Metrobus 2016/17 Mid year performance assessment report

Metrobus regulatory audit is conducted by the Auditor General (SA).


Metrobus Third Quarter Perfomance Report

Third Quarter Report 2018/19


Metrobus Fourth Quarter Perfomance Report

Fourth Quarter Report 2018/19

Fourth Quarter Report 2019/20

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2018-2019 Annual Report

2016-2017 Annual Financial Statement

2015-2016 Annual Report



Notice of AGM that will be held on the 11 March 2020 8:30 at the Roodepoort Theatre, Christiaan De Wet Road, Florida, Roodepoort, Johannesburg. 11 March 2020  8:30 at the Roodepoort Theatre, Christiaan De Wet Road, Florida, Roodepoort, Johannesburg.

Service Delivery Agreement

Click below to download our service delivery agreement

Service Delivery Agreement

Public Announcement

In June 2013, the Mayoral Committee approved a business plan that highlighted how Metrobus can be restructured to position itself as the main mode for a conventional bus service as identified in the Strategic Integration Transport Plan Framework (SITPF).The business plan proposed a review of the current and ten (10) new primary Metrobus routes hence the operational plan is being developed. A rationalization process that aims to review the way in which Metrobus provides its services to the residents is currently underway. The main objective of the process is to ensure that Metrobus provides a quality service that is safe, reliable and affordable.


The City is in accordance with the National Land Transport Act (NLTA) Act 5 of 2009 has prepared a detailed Metrobus Operational Plan that sets out the proposed primary, secondary and feeder routes covering the majority of the City's jurisdiction area as well as levels of service required on each route.


Before the plan can be finalized, the department will be engaging with different stakeholders to get comments and inputs. We believe that stakeholders will contribute valuable inputs and comments which will assist the department in finalizing the plan.



Our New Fleet

We recently launched a new fleet of buses for your commuting pleasure. Here is a sneak preview of the new fleet


Route No: Origin - Destination
M1 Joburg CBD (Gandhi Square) to Liefde-en-Vrede
M2 Joburg CBD (Gandhi Square) to Sunninghill
M3 Joburg CBD (Gandhi Square) to Southcrest
M4 Joburg CBD (Gandhi Square) to Midrand
M5 Joburg CBD (Gandhi Square) to Westgate
M6 Joburg CBD (Gandhi Square) to Eastgate
M7 Joburg CBD (Gandhi Square) to Cosmo-City
M8 Westgate (Roodepoort) to Sandton
M9 Joburg CBD (Gandhi Square) to Diepsloot
M10 Grobler Park (Roodepoort) to Dlamini (Soweto)
M11 Joburg CBD (Gandhi Square) - Protea (Soweto)
S - Routes
S1 Westgate - Woodmead
S2 Samrand - Sunninghill via Waterfall City
S3 Naturena - Auckland Park - CBD
S4 Eastgate - Bedford View
S5 Midrand - Centurion







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