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Terms and conditions

1. Loading trips

Before you load trips, please verify the zones with call center on 011 375 5555 or visit information center at Gandhi Square.

2.   Refunds

The company reserves the right to grant refunds.  Each refund request will be reviewed for approval or non-approval.

2.1 Each -holder is responsible for the safekeeping of his or her smart card/tag.

2.2 No refunds will be made and trips transferred for lost tags/smart cards, expired trips, unused trips, lost trips when changing configuration, punched smart cards, trips loaded on a wrong tag.

2.3 In an event of a lost tag/smart card, the passenger will be required to buy a new tag and load trips at selected outlets at the full cost.

2.4 DO NOT PUNCH HOLES OR STAPLE THE SMART CARD. The device will be damaged.  Metrobus will not refund trips or smart cards that were damaged due to punching of holes

2.5 In an event of a faulty tag/smart card, remaining trips will only be transferred if reporting procedure was followed. i.e. report to call centre and receive a reference number then go to Information Centre, produce the reference number and the last loading receipt to receive trips transfer voucher.

2.6 It is of vital importance to keep the last loading receipt.

3. Smart Card/tag Validity Period

All configurations on smart cards/tags have lengthy expiry periods:

  • Adult Monthly: 44 and 52 trips
  • Adult weekly: 10, 12 & 14 trips
  • Scholar Term:
  • Scholar Monthly
  • Scholar weekly
  • Disability tag, 100 trips
  • Pensioner tag, 200 trips
6 months
2 months
6 months
6 months
2 months
6 months
12 moths


4.  General Information

  1. Metrobus will not be held responsible for any lost/damaged property in the bus or Metrobus premises
  2. All claims related to lost and found property should be referred to Information Centre at Gandhi Square or telephonically on 011-833 5918. A valid bus ticket will be required as verification for lost and found property.
  3. All accidents related to claims should be reported at call center and will be referred to Road Accident Fund (RAF) on 011 223 000 or Sanlam Centre, 29th Floor 208 Jeppe Street, Johannesburg or P/Bag X02, Johannesburg 2000. A valid bus ticket will be required as verification
  4. For fraud or ticket irregularities, contact TIP OFFS ANONYMOUS on 0800 004 826, (it's a Free call)



terms and contitions


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