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Tender opening Register



IT002/2018 Provision for supply ,configure ,maintenance and support of security infrastructure for three years
TSD09/2017                                                                                                                                                        Appointment of an Independent service provider for the supply and delivery of Radiators, Oil Coolers and Intercoolers 
TSD10/2017 Upholstery of Seat frame repair and seat frame Manufacturing 
TSD11/2017 Appointment of a suitable independent service provider to Supply diesel Exhaust Fluid/Urea solution 32.5 for new buses
TSD12/2017 Supply and delivery of Complete Engine overhauls 
TSD13/2017 Appointment of a suitable Independent Service Provider for the rental of Forklifts
HR04/2017 Supply and delivery of Uniforms and Personal Protective clothing
FIN 01/2016 Appointment of a panel of service provider for the supply of advertising services
TSD 01/2016 Supply and deliver Oil filter elements,fuel filters elements,fuel filters element and air filter elements
TSD 02/2016 Supply and delivery new conditioned starters & alternators
TSD 03/2016  Supply to remove and replace, overhaul ,supply and delivery of diseal injectors pumps, and injectors tubes
TSD 04/2016 Supply and delivery of overhauled,recon and new turbo 
TSD 05/2016 Supply and delivery of new batteries 
TSD 06/2016 Supply and delivery of various Volvo parts
TSD 07/2016 Supply and delivery of various Mercedes Benz parts
TSD 08/2016 Supply and delivery of tyres on a CPK
AUD01/2016 Supply of CCTV services


provision of hygiene and pest control services


Provision of technical competency and behavioural assessment


Panel of SETA accredited training


supply,configuration,support of multifunctional printer


Provision of disaster recovery facility and services


Supply and delivery of OIl grease and anti-freeze


Diesel fuel and electronic management


The provision of 390 hubodometers and fitment


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